Haywards Heath Movie Makers

11 a.m.

11a.m. was first made in 1954 by the now defunct ‘Crawley Film Unit’. It was resurrected in 2019 for the Albany competition and re-edited from its original length of 19 minutes to the Albany permitted 15 minutes. It was made as a silent film in the Alfred Hitchcock style with music accompaniment by vinyl records.

This new version has been remastered to 16:9 format and sound effects and bespoke music have been added by our Dutch friend Hans den Turck.

A Special Relationship

Made for the 2020 Albany Competition, A Special Relationship was produced by David Fenn and directed by Ron Prosser, together with Derek Watts.

The film won The Albany Trophy for the best overall entry as well as The Albany Editing Trophy. The film is dedicated to the memory of Derek Watts who sadly passed away on 16th January 2020.

Seeds for Life

A 2023 re-edit of a film originally made in 2009, showing the vital work of the Millennium Seed Bank at Wakehurst Place near Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

Winner of the Albany Competition 2023.

Are You There Mum?

In this comedy/drama Angie enlists the dubious services of Madame Lee to try to make contact with her deceased mother. She's also helped by her friends Joe and Nicky who attend the séance with her, and unexpected consequences ensue.

Runner up in the Albany Competition 2023.