Haywards Heath Movie Makers



The 50th Anniversary Show of the Sussex took place on 6 October. This was quite a milestone, and the Sussex is believed to be the oldest of all the county shows.

The club's film, "11 am", was given a Commended Certificate. In addition Rod Willerton's, "Four Gems and a Jewel" gained the Best Travelogue Award, plus his film, "The Postal Museum", won the Best Use of Sound award.

South Downs Movie Makers won the Challenge Cup for the best film in the competition with "A Toast to Tarring"

Wivelsfield Village Hall - home of the Sussex Film Festival


The 53rd Albany Competition was held on 14th April, and hosted by last year's winners, Chichester Film & Video Makers. Seven films were entered, which were judged by Spring Park.

Our club entry, "11 a.m." was given a Commendation Certificate for "The Most Innovative Film".

The winners this year were South Downs with their film, "Dead on Time", and they also won the Sound Trophy for the same film.

BIAFF 2020

BIAFF was due to be held on May 8-10, but had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus crisis. The Festival will now take place online from 16 - 18 October. Watch some great films and AV sequences, meet friends from around the UK and beyond - all for free. For details see https://www.biaff.org.uk

The entries were judged earlier this year, and congratulations are due to Rod Willerton for achieving a Four Star Award for his film "Traditional Tyrolean". Also well done to Paul Bailey for gaining a Two Star Award for "A Bonfire Party".


The SERIAC Film Festival took place on 11th May, and with 57 entries it proved impossible to show them all. However, over 40 excellent films were presented and the club's film, The Prodigal, achieved a Highly Commended Certificate.

11 am was the Competition Officer's Choice, and Two Italian Gardens, by Rod Willerton was awarded a Commended Certificate.



Our meetings our currently being held 'virtually' via Zoom.

Here's a photo from one of our recent gatherings.


The Festival That Never Was

Although it was not possible to hold the SERIAC Film Festival at the normal venue this year the films entered were still judged. The overall winner was "Sky Steel - Rise of Nefertiti", a drama by Howard Perry.

Congratulatuions to Ron Prosser for gaining a Commended Certificate for "A Child's Heritage".